How you may be able to recover from sports injuries, even repeated or long term injuries better than you thought you could.

It’s great to play sport; it keeps you very fit and healthy.

Until you have an injury.

Sports injuries can be severe and cause long lasting damage. We place quite a lot of stress on the muscles, joints and ligaments as we run, kick, jump and fight to win the game. Muscle strains, tendon damage, twists and sprains are all typical sports injuries.

Depending on your injury, Network chiropractic care may be an effective treatment, easing the pain and aiding your recovery.

Even better, regular Network chiropractic care can improve the alignment and posture of your spine and help muscles relax back to the normal resting length where they function more optimally.

Note, 70% of back pain is considered due to muscle or ligament strain due to excessive tension in those structures. So excessive tension is a HUGE problem. and correcting it back to how it should be is vitally important.

Interestingly, it is the nervous system that controls the state of tension in the muscles and so if there is excessive tension in the spinal muscles, it is highly likely that there is excessive tension in the hamstrings, calves, etc. as well as these are all controlled by the same nervous system – yours.

Furthermore, it is by correcting the nervous system control of the muscles that the excessive tension may be released. That’s what we do with Network chiropractic. Once the muscles and other tissues become more relaxed and balanced, there is less strain on them so injury is less likely to re-occur and blood flow is enhanced bringing vital nutrients to cells whose job it is to repair damaged or torn tissues so they can do their job better.

.Network is a safe and effective form of chiropractic which helps rehabilitate and optimise the function of your spine, muscles and the nervous system control.. It is suitable for professional athletes as well as anyone who just likes to get out and play the game.

With a focus on injury prevention as well as recovery, our sports injury treatment may help you play the game longer.

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