Special Report: Six Ways to Help Create a Pain-Free Healthy Body


Six Ways to Help Create a Healthy, Pain-Free Body

Hi. My name is Dr John Van Der Meulen, a chiropractor of over 20 years experience. I have spent a lot of time studying researched methods and proven ways to assist with lots of common adult health problems. A major interest has been to learn ways of living that lead to a healthy, happy and pain free life. I would like to share some of what I have learned here. The information is arranged in no particular order and is, I feel, applicable for many people. There may also be other factors not mentioned here that may be important in individual cases.

#1: Nutrition:

Everything you learned in school was true – “you are what you eat”. In today’s world the quantity of food required to feed the masses has resulted in farming practices that have altered the soil. The once mineral and nutrient rich soil has been depleted.
Just eating the right foods is not that easy for a lot of people. Today everyone has a busy schedule, and putting together a balanced diet is very difficult. So, special attention needs to be paid to the diet. This is a very important piece of the puzzle.
I’ll also let you know what I think are the important vitamins and minerals that should be included in your diet to help improve your energy, decrease stress, and promote a stronger immune system.

#2: Acid and Alkali Balance.

Philip Day in his book “Food For Thought” has a dietary regimen with several key points:
 Eat properly constituted, organic, whole, living food, a high percentage consumed in its natural (raw) state.
 The ideal balance is: 80% alkali and 20% acidic ash foods. Closer attention t this area reveals that most diets today comprise 90% acid and 10% alkali. Not a good state of affairs.
 Try to limit meat components to no more than 10% of the total diet. Also, reduce dairy intake. Eliminate both if sick. Animal protein is acidic whereas plant protein is not.
 Hydrate the body, 6 to 8 glasses of clean, fresh water a day. (If using tapwater, a filter is a good idea to remove chlorine which has an acidifying effect or at least boil the water first. I personally find plain water not all that exciting so I add some green tea which has been shown to have many health benefits.)
As a general rule, vegetables and fruit are generally alkaline (with a few exceptions) while most other foods are acidic.

An excellent resource is Dr Gregers website www.nutritionfacts.org where research based information is presented in video form for easy learning.

#3: Exercise

Regular exercise is generally recognized as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As little as 30 – 45 minutes 3 to 4 times per week may help you live a year or two longer and experience less disease.
Walking is good, but also tai chi as the whole body gets a gentle workout. But having said that, many other forms of exercise are beneficial as well. Weight training with dumbbells is also very good though start out with weights that can be fairly easily managed and slowly increase. You should always be able to do 10 or 12 repetitions minimum and aim for 3 sets.
If running or jogging is your thing, please try to do as much as possible on the nature strip rather than the concrete. Years from now your knees and hips will thank you.

If you react to exercise with excessive fatigue or pain, then start out easily and carefully and slowly build up. For example, if a 10 minute walk is all you can do, do that every day. After a while move to twice per day. Then go to 15 minutes and so on.

#4: Stress reduction

A chronic or long term stress response includes: increased heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, clotting factors, insulin resistance, sensitivity to pain, bone loss, feelings of stress, fear, anxiety and depression. There is decreased; short term memory, ability to concentrate, learn new material, cellular immunity, growth hormone and testosterone. The 14 Foundational Premises for the Scientific and Philosophical Validation of the Chiropractic Wellness Paradigm, By James L. Chestnut, pg 20.

To sum up, exposure to long term stresses has pretty broad consequences for decreased health and well-being and it may be wise to address these issues earlier rather than later. On that note…
“One of most effective ways to relieve stress, and irrational thoughts and feelings, is through so-called body therapies. Seitz, J. A. I move therefore I am. Psychology Today 1993:26.
“In addition, patients undergoing spinal manipulation displayed dramatic decreases of cortisol through the post-treatment period, suggesting that there were physiological consequences to their manipulative treatments reflecting increased immunological capacities…” 9th International Conference on Spinal Manipulation Oct 5, 2002 Toronto – Reported in FCER Advance 23 (2).
Cortisol is one of the main hormones released in the body as part of the stress response and has a suppressive effect on the immune system. So what the quote from the study above tells us is that spinal manipulation has a dramatic effect on reducing the level of cortisol, ie reducing the stress response and at the same time boosts your immune system! Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone – possibly a better saying could be used here but you know what I mean.

In a study of 2818 patients under Network Chiropractic care completed in 1997 and conducted by R. Blanks, Professor, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology of the University of California (Irvine) Medical School, it was found that Network care was very beneficial. As reported in JSVR Vol1, No 4. 15-.

The results of the study included the following;

a) Reduced pain; improved spinal flexibility; more energy; less fatigue; fewer colds/flu; fewer headaches.
b) Less stress with family, with significant relationships and at work; improved coping with daily problems.
c) Less distress about physical pain when present; more positive feelings about self; less moodiness, temper or anger outbursts; improved ability to think and concentrate; less anxiety or depression.
d) Greater experience of relaxation or well-being; more open in relation to others; more confidence in dealing with adversity; more compassion for others.
e) Improved satisfaction with personal life, personal self, accomplishments and ability to adjust to change; improved satisfaction with life as a whole.

The authors of the study concluded, “The evidence of improved health in the four domains (physical state, mental/emotional state, stress evaluation, life enjoyment) and overall quality of life, suggests that Network Care is associated with significant benefits.” These benefits are evident from as early as 1-3 months and show continued improvement with further Network care.

Network chiropractic is very gentle and relaxing with no cracking or crunching of the joints. It may be very beneficial as you can see from the study above. And if you compare the list of stress reactions to the list of Network benefits, you will probably realize that Network may be very beneficial for stress related conditions.

#5: Joint Motion

You may have heard about the impact on your health of the first four ways to promote a healthy and pain free body, but you may not have realized that joint motion may also be an important part of the puzzle.
“Hooshmand illustrated how restricted joint mobility results in decreased firing of large diameter mechanoreceptor axons and increased firing of nociceptive axons.” Seaman, D. JMPT 1997; 20 (9): 633-644.
In simpler language, this means that when joints do not move freely as they should, then less nerve messages as to position and movement are sent to the brain and more pain signals are sent. This may mean when joints don’t move freely more pain is likely to be felt.
And there are many joints in your spine. Have you had yours checked recently to see if they are moving freely as they should?

Consider also: Lumbar discs and muscles degenerate without symptoms in apparently healthy subjects. Decreased water content in the disc, muscle atrophy, muscle fat deposition were seen in asymptomatic subjects. This leads to poor posture and spinal degeneration. Parkkula 1992 J Spin Dis.
Have you had your spine checked out lately?

Network chiropractic is not only very gentle and relaxing but also may help to loosen spinal stiffness, normalize spinal alignment and posture and reduce muscle tension and imbalance. In this state, the spinal joints may be more likely to move as they should, be more healthy and reduce pain signals.

#6: Sleep

From, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, By Andreas Moritz.
“Sleep may be divided into two major portions – before-midnight and after-midnight. Among adults, the most important process of purification and renewal occur during the two hours of sleep before midnight…During this period you enter a dreamless state where oxygen consumption in the body drops by about 8 percent. This results in profound physical rest and relaxation.”
“Growth factors, commonly known as growth hormones, are secreted during this hour of deep sleep. These powerful hormones are responsible for cellular growth, repair and rejuvenation. People age faster if they don’t produce enough growth hormones.”
“Deep sleep never occurs after midnight, and it comes only if you go to sleep at least 2 hours before midnight. If you miss out on deep sleep regularly your body and mind become overtired. This triggers abnormal stress responses in the form of constant secretion of stress hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol or cholesterol.” (And remember what cortisol does to your immune system.)

There is more but you get the idea. Sleep is important and especially sleep before midnight.
Unfortunately sleep does not easily come to everyone. But a number of patients report that the mental calm and physical relaxation that may result from the Network process may help in getting to sleep and in having a more unbroken and restful sleep. Although in some cases a good sleep may still be elusive. In this case, there are supplements that may also assist.

I practice a very gentle and relaxing form of chiropractic called Network Chiropractic. (But there is NO manipulation or cracking of your joints.) In many cases, Network improves the alignment and contour of the spine and relaxes and balances the muscles. This may have a very positive effect in helping with pain and overall health and well-being.. I provide nutritional advice (for strengthening of the immune system and promoting greater overall health). I utilize a number of evidence based herbal and homeopathic remedies to assist in dealing with many common conditions. Everything that I do is 100% natural.

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