Shoulder pain can be very uncomfortable and limit your range of movements. Network chiropractic shoulder pain treatment may help reduce your pain and give you back your lost mobility.

Many of us will suffer from shoulder pain at some stage of our lives possibly due to a number of factors.

We may overuse this joint with lifting and carrying, stretching and pushing and related movements.

Excessive tension often builds up in shoulder, arm, neck an upper back muscles having an adverse impact on biomechanics and blood flow to the area.

Injury may result in torn or strained muscles and/or ligaments (especially in muscles that are already excessively tense).

Left untreated, the pain and/or injury may become worse and take much longer to heal when you finally seek shoulder pain treatment. The pain may gradually spread to the area around the shoulder as you change your movements to compensate for the loss of shoulder mobility.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether the pain is actually in the shoulder joint, or is being referred from other areas Perhaps the real problem in the cervical spine or in the muscles around the shoulder.

Network is a chiropractic treatment which analyses the cause of the problem and treats it with light touches to specific points, rather than with traditional joint manipulation.

The technique helps release nervous system tension so muscles naturally relax and balance, misaligned joints normalise, and blood flow is enhanced, as is natural innate healing. It seems to me that when your own body functions better and heals itself better, that is when real progress is made.

Regular Network chiropractic care can reduce the incidence of shoulder pain. If you are looking for gentle shoulder pain treatment, visit our experienced chiropractor today.

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