Sensational Smoothie

Sensational Smoothie
I started using smoothies last year when I bought a Ninja blender. There were some recipes that came with the ninja but these were mainly fruit and sometimes with a few extras. But I wanted a really beneficial smoothie with a little to no sugar (fruit or otherwise).

I looked on the internet and found all sorts of smoothie recipes but, they too had a lot of fruit or other fructose/sugar sweeteners.

So over the next few months I developed my own version of a highly nutritious and tasty smoothie.

Here we go

Into a large ninja blender container I put

1.   About 1 full cup of washed green leafy vegetable. my preferred green is roquette as it is particularly useful in widening blood vessels so blood pumps through better.  Otherwise I might use baby spinach or spinach mixed with baby beetroot leaves. But depending on availability, I might also use swiss chard and a leaf or two of kale.

2. ¼  of a head of raw broccoli chopped up. (See blog on superfood or just a vegetable for more info on broccoli)

3. Raw beetroot. Depending on the size of the beetroot, I may use the whole lot or just a half or a third. I peel the beetroot with a knife as this seems to work the best in terms of getting the job done and not removing an excessive quantity of my own skin.

4. Half a ripe avocado – optionable

5. Two or three dessert spoons of flax seed (AKA linseed)

6. Two or three dessert spoons of pepitas (pumpkin seeds with the skin removed).

7. 3/4 to 1 tsp of Indian gooseberry – the most potent antioxidant you are likely to be able to get. Normally this is quite bitter but is not even noticeable with the rest of the ingredients.

8. A few blueberries

I tried a few different protein supplements but none seemed to suit me very well. The pepitas have good protein content which is easily digested. They also have quite a positive effect on benign prostate hypertrophy according to research and experience.

9. I add one small scoop of a calcium bone supplement (practitioner only and available from my clinic) which has a small amount of a protein  (thaumatin) that is approx 3000 times sweeter than sugar. Has been used for hundreds of years in Africa.
This way, I get a pleasant taste with no sugar or fructose. Of course, you could use half a banana or an apple, etc. to perk up the flavour as well.

10.. Fill the container to approx ¾ with filtered water, bottled spring water or at least boiled tap water that has cooled down again. Don’t fill the container too much or it may leak or not blend very well.

11.   Put on the lid and blend for about 45 secs.

12. Consume slowly so as to allow for better digestion.

I use this smoothie before playing tennis and I have good energy without getting slowed down by a heavy meal. I also use it for lunch, especially on hot days.