Poor posture can have long term consequences. Posture correction treatment won’t just help you stand straighter; it will help your body stay strong and flexible for longer.

The spine and skeletal structure are designed to be self-supporting and balanced. With the help of muscles and ligaments, all the joints are held securely in position to prevent stressing any part of the body. When our posture is poor it throws the body out of balance, which in turn places abnormal stress on the joints and skeletal structure.

Did you know that if your upper body is curved so that your neck is leaning forward it needs the supporting muscles to work up to 4 times harder just to support the head?

Imagine what a tilted pelvis does to your hips and lower back – or to the knees which bear so much of our body weight.

Often we don’t know that we have poor posture. The changes happen slowly over time as we sit behind a desk for work, or become bowed down with daily stresses.

Poor posture causes restrictions to the blood flow through the spine and into the brain. You may experience tiredness, poor concentration, headaches, joint aches, pain from pinched nerves and ongoing degeneration of the joints. It can also affect the way you breathe and move, limiting your overall mobility.

Network Chiropractic care may be an effective posture correction treatment but it does not have to involve crunching and spinal manipulation. Network uses soothing and gentle touches at various points along the spine, which help to make the brain aware of what is happening to the body. As the brain and nervous system are triggered, they start to correct the problem, allowing the blood to reach those areas which have been struggling to cope. Gradually soft tissues willrelease their tension and make it easier for the spine to find its rightful position.

A straight spine will keep you moving freely well into old age and with regular care, may allow you to stay in good health for longer.

So if you are concerned that your posture needs correction come in and be professionally assessed.

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