How you may be able to overcome head pain and migraine without having to resort to medication and the side effects they often cause.

Do you suffer from regular headaches or migraine?

There are many different types of headaches but some are much worse than others. Interestingly, stress and muscle tension seems to be a very significant factor in bringing on many types of headache.

Tension headache is thought to be due to increased resting muscle tension that affects the back of the head, neck and even into the shoulders.

Stress can be responsible for bringing on a migraine headache. As stress builds and muscle tension increases especially around the neck and shoulder areas.

Most people resort to strong medication so they can cope with the pain of migraine and headaches which can bring temporary relief. Unfortunately, medication does not solve the underlying problem and may actually make things worse, leading to chronic daily headaches, as they become unresponsive to the medication.

Network Chiropractic is often able to prevent or reduce the frequency of headaches and migraine by helping the body to release the excess muscle tension and stress which has built up over time.

The gentle technique helps to progressively release nervous system tension, reducing the effects of stress, relaxing and balancing muscles, softening spinal stiffness and reducing spinal distortion.

If you are looking for a treatment for headache and migraine, book an appointment at Better Life Chiropractic. See how relaxing and effective Network can be in helping with your pain.

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