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Fibromyalgia and Your Care: How’s That Working for You?


Many fibromyalgia patients start off with one little problem, such as fatigue or a headache, which just seems to grow and grow, much like the entourage of doctors we collect to get answers. How many physicians did you see before being properly diagnosed?

Unfortunately, most fibro sufferers endure years of misdiagnoses, years of visits to various specialists, and of course constant and widespread pain. So is it working well? Are you getting healthy? Getting back to your old healthy self? If so, then great. If not, then read on.

Were alternatives and perhaps more natural/non-drug approaches brought to your attention? Unfortunately the maze can be quite daunting… hard to really get a sense of any direction or what lies around the next corner.

Network Chiropractic care is one such alternative that remains a practical secret for many. You’ve seen signs for Chiropractic doctors, but what does a Network Chiropractor do?

How would they approach the fibromyalgia problem? As with any health issue it’s impossible to tell what is going on and what is the best remedy without a thorough history and examination. I cannot speculate on your personal health. Everyone is an individual and deserves very specific attention.

What I do know is the Network Chiropractic care, in a very gentle and relaxing way, does seem to improve many types of aches and pain, including those associated with fibromyalgia. Spinal pain is one of the most common symptoms.

Although I have few doubts about the importance of regular Network Chiropractic in my own and my family’s life and many of my clients, most people rarely see how they could potentially benefit from such care.

My hope is that you will be interested enough to call and discuss how my Network Chiropractic care could be a potential solution to your fibromyalgia pains. No promises other than I will do my level best to try and help.

If you have a health concern or want to know what are effective approaches for tackling this difficult problem and need to schedule an appointment for a consultation, phone 9793 3755.

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