Better Life Chiropractic– Cutting-Edge Chiropractic Treatment for Your Body

At Better Life Chiropractic, our chiropractor is an accomplished posture and spinal health expert, providing drug-free, natural wellness services to patients suffering from musculoskeletal and stress related ailments. With extensive years of training and experience, we ensure that our patients in Keysborough and nearby suburbs receive excellent spinal care to help them lead a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

What is Chiropractic Treatment?

The fundamental principle of Network chiropractic treatment is to release tension and interference from your spinal cord. This allows your muscles to relax and balance and your spine to soften and straighten resulting in a change to your skeleton’s basic structure and function, along with its linked supporting tissues. Our skilled chiro serving Keysborough residents can assist you with re-aligning the bones of your spine and the spinal joints, thereby enhancing your posture and spinal condition. Chiropractic treatment is not just for those experiencing pain or discomfort, but also for those looking to optimise their energy and enhance their quality of life.

Our certified and expert chiropractor for Keysborough locals is proud on maintaining an open emphasis on nutrition, fitness and exercise, and other musculoskeletal concerns. In addition to being trained in manipulative chiropractic, our chiropractor has done extensive extra training in a modern form of chiro known as Network chiropractic. Network is gentle and relaxing and is suitable for kids, adults, pregnant women and senior citizens. Network is used to help with pain and injury even with cases that may not have responded very well to other forms of treatment.

What Can Better Life Chiropractic Do for You?

  • Help alleviate severe back and neck pain
  • Treat headaches and migraines
  • Release extremity related pain
  • Adjust and align your body structure to help prevent future injuries
  • Assist with mobility issues
  • Treat numbness, tingling and muscle weakness
  • Be your long-term health and wellness partner

At Better Life Chiropractic, our primary concern is to relieve your pain. We treat the source of pain, assisting your body with healing itself. By gently activating spinal gateways, spinal cord tension is released. Your muscles start relaxing and balancing as do the soft tissues around the joints and spine. The spine itself, becomes softer, better aligned, more flexible and more mobile. As this occurs, your body starts to function better and pain naturally eases. This is the beginning of a better, pain-free life for you.

The “Better Life” Approach to Care

  • Initial Care – If extreme pain or ache has prompted you to begin chiropractic care, the first thing you want to do is feel better. Considering your age, condition and lifestyle, our chiro for Keysborough residents will design a tailored approach to reduce or eliminate your health issues.
  • Reconstructive Care – Soft tissue and muscle damages usually remain after your original issues have improved. During this phase, we try to soothe your spine and stimulate complete healing. We will prescribe some home activities (where appropriate) along with our chiro treatment for you to stay active throughout your health care.
  • Maintenance Care – When improvement is attained, we recommend periodic chiropractic care. These regular visits can detect and help correct new problems before they arise and become serious. Like other preventive measures, our regular “check-ups” will help you save time and money.
  • Adjust and align your body structure to help prevent future injuries

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When you contact us, we thoroughly assess and analyse your body to determine what is the exact problem with it. We, then explain and customise a plan for you, taking into consideration your age, health and lifestyle. Once we have worked together to achieve necessary health improvements, we will assist you in choices to maintain the corrections you have achieved. To know more, get in touch with chiropractor for Keysborough locals on 03 9793 3755.