One Of The Very Best Things You Can Do For Your Child

Child’s Spinal And Muscular Assessment.

Many youngsters experience headaches, neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, growing pains, and even more serious conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis, etc.

These problems often come about or are made worse by excessive tension that has built up in the muscles and stiffness, distortion and a less than optimum alignment of the spine.

Especially in the younger years, these spinal and muscular problems may be greatly improved relatively easily and efficiently, providing huge benefits in the correction or prevention of the types of problems listed above.

How do you know if your child’s spine and muscles are affected?

These often do not show up or are not that significant on X-rays and other scans.

However, with over 25 years experience in assessing many thousands of spines and muscles, I can readily assess when they are close to optimum or substantially less than optimum.

And I am happy to show you any problem areas detected so you can see or feel them for yourself.


If problems are detected, you may elect to have them corrected in which case we can do so at our discounted student fee rate.

The process used to achieve the correction is Network Chiropractic.

Network Chiropractic utilises light touch contacts along the spine and pelvis working with clothes on (eg. track pants and t-shirt). Parents are invited to be present during the treatment.

These light touch contacts work deeply and powerfully to profoundly enhance the state and the function of the spine, the muscles and nervous system ( and remember, it is the nervous system that controls and coordinates the activity of virtually all the organs, systems, tissues and cells of the whole body).


There are no manipulations and no adjustments (no cracking or crunching of the spinal joints) used in Network chiropractic.

Network Chiropractic care for children may provide a range of benefits including;

  • Optimising the state and function of your child’s spine and muscles
  • Reducing the chance of pain or injury
  • Helping them to be more calm and at ease
  • Improved thinking and concentration
  • Less likely to have cold or flu

The first step to helping your child is easy.

Just call (03) 9793 3755 and make an appointment for your child’s spinal and muscular assessment today.