Better Life Chiropractic is a premier Chiropractic service provider in Dandenong.

Dr John Van Der Meulen B.Sc., B. App. Sci., Chiropractor and founder of Better Life Chiropractic, has over 26 years’ experience in Network Chiropractic.

Dr John has chosen to use Network Chiropractic because, in a gentle and relaxing way, it optimises the state and function of the nervous system, spine, muscles and blood perfusion to ease or overcome pain and injury and help you experience a better life.

He uses gentle and very precise contacts to tissues overlying the spine at very precise locations called spinal gateways. The process is very relaxing and may make a significant improvement in such problems as back pain, neck pain, headaches, stiffness, fibromyalgia, sciatica, growing pains and the effects of stress.

Using the latest methods and techniques, he offers preventative and recuperative care for any chiropractic condition presented.

Come in and meet Dr John Van Der Meulen and, if you have pain or injury, find out more about him and the gentle, modern chiropractic technique he uses and how you may be helped.

If you are then happy to book your first appointment it will cost you only $50. The appointment includes:

    • Consultation
    • Spinal and muscular examination
    • Explanation of your problem and what is likely to be involved is resolving it.

Please call us on 03 9793 3755 to arrange your first appointment.